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Challenge Task: Hula Hoop

Task Description:

Hula hoop for 20 seconds with the hoop starting around the waist and remaining off the ground (floor) the entire time.

Pictures/Videos of this Challenge

Printable Description of the Hula Hoop Challenge (PDF)

Administering this Challenge:


  • Hula Hoops (at least 30" - 32" in diameter is recommended, but is really up to participants)


  • A roomy space with a flat surface.

Start and Stop Signal:

  • Each youngster begins with the hula hoop held at waist level.
  • On the "go" command, the youngster begins to hula hoop.
  • Time "stops" when the hula hoop touches the ground.
  • The challenge is successfully completed when the youngster keeps the hula hoop off the floor for 20 seconds.

Challenge Comments:

  • Youngsters may have unlimited opportunities to pass this challenge.
  • It is recommended that the hula hoop be at least 30" - 32" in diameter.
  • If the hoop is too small or too large the challenge may become too difficult. Therefore when appropriate, encourage youngsters to try hoops with various sized diameters.
  • Hula hoops can be made from 3/4" or 1/2" poly pipe (normally used for sprinklers). The pipe can be purchased in most plumbing or hardware stores.
  • When cutting the pipe, the length of each piece, should be cut three times the diameter desired (e.g. if a diameter of 30" is desired, then the length of the pipe should be 90".
  • To join ends together, cut a 1" piece of doweling the same size as the pipe, rub it with Elmer's glue, and place it between the two open ends. Place a piece of tape over the connected joint and let dry overnight in a warm place.

Performance Cues:

  • "Ready Position": Position the hoop against the small of the back.
  • "Parallel to Ground": Make sure the hoop is parallel to the ground.
  • "Spin that Hoop": Normally, if one is right handed the hoop should be spun to the left. However, if one is left handed the hoop should be spun to the right.
  • "Move that Waist": To keep the hoop going, move the waist in a circular, rhythmic motion.
  • "Bend Knees": Keep knees slightly bent.
  • "Arms Up": Sometimes it is helpful to keep arms in the air.
  • Choose a larger hoop!

Ideas Adapting Challenge for Students with Disabilities:

  • Hula hoop on an arm or leg for 20 seconds
  • hula with both arms simultaneously
  • Turn a scarf in the air for 20 seconds
  • With hoop on ground, have student in wheelchair wheels around hoop for 20 seconds
  • Increase or decrease time as needed
  • turn ribbon in overhead, side, and frontal plane for 20 sec. each
  • turn ribbon in large circular pattern in frontal plane for 20 sec
  • wave short ribbon as modeled by teacher

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