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How the Skills Challenge Works

The PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge is a series of 6 fun and challenging motor skill and cooperative tasks that if passed can earn youngsters a bronze (4/6 challenges successfully completed), silver (5/6), or gold (6/6) pin.

Please review and become familiar with all the PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge rules and procedures.


* The cost to become a registered member is $25.00. Yearly membership renewals usually start in the Fall near the opening of school. New membership registration is available in the fall and reward pins are mailed in the spring (usually May/June) of the following year. Click the "Register Now" button on the front page of the Cooperative Skills Challenge Web site to become a member. Check out the Member benefits.

* Membership registration (and renewal) is available at the PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge Web site or you can call Mark Manross in Virginia at 540 953 1043. You can have more than one teacher register from the same school but the cost is $25.00 for each teacher.

* After you become a registered member, you can start the challenge any time you wish with your kids. Typically, the Challenge lasts from September/October to the end of May/June the following year so you have 5-7 months to test your kids and then report to us how many pins your kids earned during that time period.

* PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge reward pins are mailed via UPS from our partner S&S Discount Sports.

Participating for FREE

If you prefer you can choose NOT to register and still offer the Skills Challenge to your students. For rewards you can offer your kids free certificates and purchase pins at the cost of $1.19 each. Click here for our printable order form for non-members.

Contact Us

PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge
2516 Blossom Trail West
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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