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PE Central Challenge Parent Nights

One of the most popular events that teachers who participate in the PE Central Challenge is a PE Central Challenge Parents Night. Parents and their children are invited to come and try the Challenge tasks with their kids on a designated night of the week. It is great fun and a great way to bring physical activity and parents together. Below are some examples of parent nights that have been done in the past.

Are You More Coordinated Than a 5th Grader PEC Challenge Parent Night

Description: From Lori Leber, teacher who came up with the idea:

"We have done this event the past 2 years. It is a very relaxed event where the families come in anytime between 7-8 one night. They get a check off sheet of the events. At the end when they are done, I give the parent a certificate...I am AS coordinated, NOT AS coordinated, or MORE coordinated than my fifth grader. The parents and their kids just go around to the centers and try the events at their leisure. They can stay at a center for as long or as short as they want. The kids get a kick out of seeing their parents work really hard at the hula hooping one!"

Scoresheet (from Lori Leber and Katie Cicero):

Certificates (from Lori Leber and Katie Cicero):


In the News

Many of the PE Central Challenge Parent Nights have been featured in local newspaper articles. We have collected some here for you to see.

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