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Challenge Task: Jump That Rope

Task Description:

Jump a single rope continuously (rope must remain in a constant turning motion) for 90 seconds without a miss.

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Printable Description of the Jump That Rope Challenge (PDF)

Administering this Challenge:


  • 1 jump rope and stopwatch.


  • Any open space with a smooth surface.

Starting and Stopping:

  • Youngsters start when ready. Anytime the rope stops moving before 90 seconds has elapsed, have the youngsters stop, and begin the task again (allow rest if needed).

Challenge Comments:

  • There is no limit to the number of attempts to satisfactorily complete this challenge.
  • Allow movement while jumping. Youngsters do not need to stay on the same spot to complete this challenge.
  • Allow jumping of any style (forwards or backwards, one foot or two feet, switching feet, skipping, tricks, etc.), however the rope must pass under the youngster's feet.
  • Make sure the jump rope chosen is not too long or too short. To determine the correct length of a jump rope for an individual step with both feet together on the middle of the rope. The rope handles should come up to the armpits.

Performance Cues:

  • "Jump Low": High jumps will fatigue youngsters quickly.
  • "Bounce": Keep knees bent and bounce off the balls of the feet.
  • "Eyes & Nose": Look straight ahead and jump as the rope passes the nose.
  • "Elbows In": Keep elbows close to side of body and turn rope with wrists instead of arms.

Practice Tasks:

  • Have two youngsters get a long rope and gently swing it back and forth. A third youngster stands in the middle and practices jumping.

  • Have children practice turning a single rope over their head, stop it at their feet, and then step over it. Encourage them to increase the speed as they fee more comfortable and, eventually, begin jumping.

  • Have youngsters practice turning the rope by placing both handles in one hand and turning the rope at their side. This can help them practice the timing needed to jump over the rope successfully.

Ideas Adapting Challenge for Students with Disabilities:

  • Have two people twirl rope while another student pushes a student in a wheelchair through the rope for 90 seconds
  • For visually impaired students, have two students turn a rope with a bell attached. When the bell hits the floor, the student steps over the rope.
  • Increase or decrease time if needed
  • Place rope on floor and jump over continuously
  • two ropes turning to side while jogging for one minute
  • both handles of one rope held in left hand, both handles of one rope held in right hand, student turns ropes as if turning one rope, but no rope will pass under feet.
  • two ropes turning to side while stationary for one minute
  • one rope turning to side while jogging for one minute
  • one rope turning to side while stationary for one minute
  • jumping, hopping, jogging in place rhythmically for one minute
  • self turning and stepping through large hoop 5 times.
  • hold rope in different body planes as requested and modeled by teacher
  • rhythmically recite jump rope rhyme

Helpful References for this Challenge:

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