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Description and Background

The PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge© is designed to encourage youngsters to practice a variety of motor skills, many of which are contained in our professions national standards (Shape America, 1995). The PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge is NOT intended to be a one-time test, but rather an ongoing series of challenges that youngsters can practice and improve upon. Teachers are encouraged to provide children many chances to complete each of the challenges--in class, at lunch, before or after school. Classroom teachers can also "judge" the challenges during recess. All youngsters who participate can earn a downloadable participation certificate.

The cost to register is $25.00 per teacher. The benefits of registering are included here.

Pins are distributed according to the following criteria:

Gold Pin
Kids complete ALL 6 challenge tasks successfully
Silver Pin
Kids complete 5 of the 6 challenge tasks successfully
Bronze Pin
Kids complete 4 of the 6 challenge tasks successfully

PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge© Pins

The PE Central Challenge© pins are four-color, 1" diameter pins featuring the official PE Central Globe Logo imprinted on a gold, silver, or bronze background color.

Gold Challenge Pin
Gold Pin
Silver challenge pin
Silver Pin
Bronze Challenge Pin
Bronze Pin

Descriptions of the PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge Tasks

Teachers are encouraged to "teach" youngsters to successfully complete the challenges by providing them with appropriate cues and ideas for practicing on their own at home. Sample tasks and cues for each of the challenges, along with complete descriptions of each challenge, are included in the section entitled "Detailed Descriptions of Each Challenge".

1. Balance Shuffle

Two children stand on each end of an eight foot long 2" x 4" board placed on the ground (4" side of board goes on the ground). Each child travels to the opposite end and then back without falling off. Children start again if any body part touches the ground. The board is marked with lines twelve inches from each end. This is where the children start--both at the opposite end--and finish. When they switch they travel to the twelve inch mark on the opposite end of the beam before starting back to their original location. More detail...

2. Hula Hooping

Hula hoop for 20 seconds with the hoop starting around the waist and remaining off the ground (floor) the entire time. More detail...

3. Jump that Rope

Jump a single rope continuously (rope must remain in a constant turning motion) for 90 seconds without a miss. More detail...

4. Volley Up

Three children stand in a triangle three giant steps from each other. The challenge is to volley a ball (not a beach ball or balloon) 10 times in a row without the ball hitting the ground. Each child must contact (volley) the ball at least twice but may not strike it twice in a row (similar to volleyball rules). More detail...

5. Partner Throw and Catch

Throw and catch an object with your hands with a partner 30 times in a row without a miss from a distance of 25 feet. Both catches and throws must be made behind the line to be counted. Each student will complete 15 throws and 15 catches for a total of 30. More detail...

6. Paddle Strike

Strike a ball with a short or long-handled paddle or racket in the air continuously for 60 seconds to your self while remaining in a 3-4 foot diameter space, e.g. hoop, jump rope formed into a circle. The circle must remain stationary for the entire 60 seconds. More detail...

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