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What Teachers Are Saying About the PE Central Challenge

"The excitement of the PE Central Challenge is running wild at our school! The students loved the challenges and have all enjoyed doing them. But the pins...those beautiful pins! I have had the pleasure of giving out the pins to my students this week. They just love them! The students who didn't earn them, wish they had worked harder and want to try again! I had to let them down gently and tell them they could still do the challenges, but the deadline for earning the pins was past. It was nice to give them out to the kids who are not always the most athletic. They were so proud of themselves and one another! This event, and that is what it is, AN EVENT, has given me great pleasure in bringing this opportunity to my students. Thank you for everything! What a wonderful idea!"

"The challenge was great! The well skilled students tried to get as many done as possible in one or to tries. I saw a great interest among the girls. I believe passing the challenges helped build their self-esteem. They did not have to compete against the boy's "head to head". The girls were more willing to give up recess time to practice that probably had something to do with the Wisconsin winters! I think the boys thought the skills were too easy until they actually tried to pass them. Most of the challenges were well within the reach of all students. Passing the challenges was a self-esteem builder for the "average to low skilled student. Even if the kids did not earn a medal, they enjoyed trying, watching, and helping their classmates."

"This has been wonderful for my students. The highly skilled came in and passed with flying colors; but those less skilled worked, and worked, and never gave up. I was thrilled by their determination and continuous practice. I was glad to give every spare moment I had, for in return I shared the joy and elation of the children who finally succeeded in something practiced so long. Thank you PE Central for providing this opportunity for our students."

"The PE Central Challenge was a wonderful experience for my classes. For some students who had trouble accomplishing things, this was their time to shine. All students were really excited about the challenges and practiced every recess that they could. When other students, not involved in the challenge, saw the students practicing at recesses they wanted to do it too. My fourth graders wanted to know if they get to do it again next year. Great idea!"

"The PE Central Challenge was a great opportunity for the students in our school to learn to work and help each other. The encouragement that they gave one another was absolutely wonderful. It was something that they were excited with and look forward to doing again another year. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to present this program in our school."

"I believe the over riding strength of the PE Central Challenge was in its ability to motivate students to practice the needed skills for success. They learned the value of not giving up. They felt the kinship that comes from a shared challenge. Thank you so much for offering this challenge and providing the pins. "

"What a terrific idea! The children at my school are having a ball! They are practicing every chance they get and can't wait for someone to check them out so they can pass a challenge and move to another one. I started by having one class period to introduce the challenges and allow practice time. I had a couple of my best students already pass 5 of the challenges. The recess people are excited about the challenges too because all the students are practicing. Thank you PE Central for this great opportunity!"

"I teach multi-handicapped students at a school for the visually impaired and blind. The challenges have been easy to modify to meet specific needs. Many of the challenges are helping me to document IEP goals. Thank you for providing a great opportunity."

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