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Welcome to the Cooperative Skills Challenge, the motivational and fun challenge that has been completed by nearly 1 million children! Six fun and motivational challenge tasks await the teachers who register for the Cooperative Skills Challenge! Here's how it works. Teacher registers to reserve 15 free award pins. Students take the challenges. Teacher records results and lets us know how many award pins they need and we mail the pins. If you need more than 15 you pay for the additional pins. Cost: $25.00 per teacher. Learn more...


Registration renewal and new member registration is now open for the 2015 Cooperative Skills Challenge! Returning members log in on left side, type in UN and PW and renew. NEW members click Register Now button.

Contact us: challenge@pecentral.org, 540-953-1043.

How the Challenge Works | What you get for $25? | Download Powerpoint

Click on image to see descriptions of each of the 6 challenge tasks...


* 6 Skills Tasks for 4th/5th Graders
* Awards: Bronze (4/6), Silver(5/6), Gold (6/6)
* Cost: $25.00 Per Teacher
* Dates: Sept.-May
* More details here...


"What a terrific idea! The children at my school are having a ball! They are practicing every chance they get and can't wait for someone to check them out so they can pass a challenge and move to another one. I started by having one class period to introduce the challenges and allow practice time. I had a couple of my best students already pass 5 of the challenges. The recess people are excited about the challenges too because all the students are practicing. Thank you PE Central for this great opportunity!"

"I teach multi-handicapped students at a school for the visually impaired and blind. The challenges have been easy to modify to meet specific needs. Many of the challenges are helping me to document IEP goals. Thank you for providing a great opportunity."

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